Welcome. You have found your way to the periphery, where Derridean play is encouraged, Heidegger stands less proximate to you, up can be down, negativity becomes a condition of arousal, and mourning means to encounter entanglement, and bodies materialize and immaterialize as co(im)mpossibility.

Queer I(ntervention)S is our longed for space at the University of California, Merced for queer intellectual engagement with academics, scholars, artists, and activists from within UCM’s campus and campuses beyond. We invite scholars and the like to actively engage with one another, fostering each other through much needed queer academic relations as one pursues rigorous research. We invite you to join us.

Co-chairs: Marilee Shaw and Sage B. Perdue

376509_2448551706478_310285416_nMarilee Shaw is currently pursuing a Doctorate in Interdisciplinary Humanities at the University of California, Merced. Marilee’s research takes a Queer theoretical approach to the study of worlding practices-as a negative embrace. Marilee interrogates the (Im)mobility of bodies and boundaries ~including studies of sexuality(LGBTQIA & BDSM), race, gender, temporality, and spatiality in texts: including film & television series, and American Literary fiction: both as cultural representation and as body itself. Marilee’s current project questions the applicability of erotics and Necropower in the creation of deathworlds for Queer (non-normative) theories and identities. That is, through exploring literary representations of death and dying of individuals who are ‘different’ from the majority, this project seeks to understand the freedoms and erotics of resistance and the social upheaval that forceful acceptance of regulations and restriction can cause when rioting, suicide, and acts of terror are understood, as the desiring subjects’, rejection of limitations by the “State.”





Sage B. Perdue, a queer phenomenologist, is currently a Ph.D. student and a Pre-Med student at the University of California, Merced in the Interdisciplinary Humanities Program. Sage’s dissertation project, Becoming Sui-cide: Suicide-worlds, Necroqueers, Heidegger’s ‘Being-Toward-Death’ asks: What fleshes out a “real” suicide or a “medical” suicide in the twenty-first century? Which bodies are deemed worthy of suicidal mourning? From a medical humanities perspective, Sage deploys Phenomenology, the History of Science and Medicine, and literary representations of suicide, connecting fragments betwixt and between gender, sexuality, and suicide logic. Sage works with faculty in both the Interdisciplinary Humanities program and Cognitive Science, rethinking suicide and narrative medicine in the twenty-first century and the ever-transforming, queer body.


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